"...just wanted to say my niece and nephew both had an INCREDIBLE time at the library presentation!!!  You should have heard how they were imitating the kookaburra....all around extremely fun and educational too!  It was a blast for all of us!" - James Singer

"All my friends...people with (or without) kids...if you're having a party PLEASE visit this website, or Facebook Page.  The show that Larry put on was awesome for the kids and the adults alike!!!!!  Please check'em out!" - Alicia Grabianowski-Barnett

"On behalf of the administration and residents at Ridgewood Center, I would like to thank you for providing such and interactive and entertaining educational program for our residents.  You enthusiasm and love for your beloved pets was quite evident throughout the entire program.  Your ability to engage all residents and adapt for their cognitive level was very much appreciated.  I sincerely appreciate your donation of time and talents to Ridgewood Center.  I plan to recommend you to my colleagues in this industry, as well as family and friends that may be seeking this unique type of party or educational program." - Linda Mariconda

"Outstanding service.  Amazing with the children and the adults.  I never thought I would see my girls get so close to a tarantula!" - Giuseppe Lepiani

"Larry was the exhibitor at my son's birthday and everyone enjoyed his presentation, both children and adults alike.  It was funny, educational, and entertaining all at the same time." - Scott Stansfield.

"Larry gave a wonderful presentation of his "critters" to my special needs class.  Not only was it entertaining, but it was educational as well.  He held my students' attention throughout the entire hour, and had them mesmerized with his hands -on approach.  They totally enjoyed themselves, as did the adults, and retained so much information that they were still talking about it the following day.  What a great way to learn!" - Paula Olsen

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Fuzzy Butts Rescue

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The Sarcastic Lens

About Us:

  For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in animals.  I have always loved learning everything about them, strange and different creatures fascinate me the most.  There has never been a time in my life when I didn't want to be around animals.  Fortunately, when I was a little kid bringing home all kinds of creepy crawly friends, my parents tolerated and even helped me care for them.  

  As an adult, I continue to collect all kinds of creatures.  All of the animals you'll see in my programs are my pets and are loved as part of the family... even the spiders!  

  I truly enjoy bringing my love of unique creatures to people who normally wouldn't have a chance to see them.  I have always thought that without education, there would be no conservation.  Why would people have any interest in saving the world beyond their front door if they don't know anything about what they are saving?  

  My goal is to make you excited about some of the strange and wonderful creatures that share our planet, and if I can make people smile while I do just that, then it has been a successful show.  I hope to see you soon at our next Unique Creatures live animal show!

- Larry Apap